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Hi, my name is Max Horn, the Founder of the You Matter Movement. I have struggled with my mental health for many years before but never wanted anyone to know I was hurting in fear of what they would think of me. I was also a college athlete, and it had been ingrained in us to be tough or tough things out no matter the obstacle in front of me. I always thought I had no right to feel the way I did. I should not show any weakness because the people around me that took control over my life would attack that. I told myself that I was okay and should stop being sensitive to what was around me and tough it out because it was all in my head, and nothing could be wrong with me. I covered up my depression and anxiety with laughter from the others around me, acting like nothing was wrong. In reality, I always felt alone and hopeless at the end of the day. I was antisocial, and I wasn't sleeping. I missed out on many opportunities with friends and teammates because all I wanted to do was be alone in my room. 

Since those events took place, I wanted to encourage, support, and educate people who struggle with their mental health that it is okay not to be okay and provide a safe environment. I want to build a community that will give people hope and encourages those to speak out. I strive to start conversations about mental health, including managing it, supporting the ones around them, and giving that space to be themselves. 

Over the past year, Mental health has been so misunderstood, avoided, and has had such a stigma around it that people don't speak out. By joining The You Matter Movement, we can change the perception of Mental Health and give people that are struggling hope that tomorrow is a new day, and show them that YOU MATTER MOST and YOU ARE NOT ALONE. My goal is to create a community of individuals struggling with mental health and give them peer-to-peer connections that will show them that others are going through exactly what they are going through. Us doing this can shift the attitude surrounding mental health. As the Founder of the You Matter Movement, I will encourage those struggling, support those who need it,

and educate those who want to learn. 

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